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Babel Buster SPX-GW Modbus TCP/RTU Pass-Through Gateway
Babel Buster SPX-GW will translate Modbus RTU queries directly into Modbus TCP queries, or vice versa. Babel Buster SPX-GW is used to connect Modbus RTU devices to a Modbus TCP network, or Modbus TCP devices to a Modbus RTU network without register remapping.

Babel Buster SPX-GW Modbus TCP/RTU Pass-Through Gateway

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Babel Buster SPX-GW, transparent pass-through gateway, is used when you simply want to convert Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP or vice versa. Access multiple RTU devices from a single TCP port, or access multiple TCP devices from a single RTU port.

RTU Devices on a TCP Network: Mapping multiple RTU devices to a single TCP IP address means the TCP port looks like a Modbus slave while the RTU port looks like a Modbus master to multiple slaves on the EIA485 link. The TCP master must provide valid unit numbers to select the different RTU devices.

TCP Devices on an RTU Network: Mapping multiple TCP devices to multiple Modbus RTU addresses means the RTU side acts as a Modbus slave while the TCP side acts as Modbus master connecting to multiple Modbus TCP slaves.

If register renumbering is needed, then the standard SPX must be used. The SPX-GW does not interpret or process any data or register numbers. The SPX-GW only processes packet source and destination. 

Babel Buster SPX-GW Specifications

• Modbus RTU Master or Slave
• Modbus TCP Client and Server
• Modbus RTU RS-485 (only)
• Modbus TCP over Ethernet 10/100BaseT
• 240 Modbus RTU Devices Supported
• 20 Modbus TCP Devices Supported
• Web UI for Configuration and Diagnostics
• DHCP or Static IP address
• Powered by 9 to 30VDC @ 0.37A to 0.11A
• FCC Class A, CE Mark
• Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
• Humidity 5% to 90%

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