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MTX002 USB to MS/TP Port Adapter
The Control Solutions Model MTX002 is a USB to MS/TP port adapter. It allows connecting to MS/TP devices via the USB port on your PC when running Control Solutions BACnet software. USB cable is included.

MTX002 USB to MS/TP Port Adapter

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Control Solutions’ MTX002 is a USB to MS/TP port adapter. It allows connecting to MS/TP devices via the USB port on your PC. The MTX002 is intended primarily as an aid in configuring specific Control Solutions devices, but does include general purpose BACnet object browsing capability usable with any MS/TP device when running Control Solutions' BACnet Network Discovery Tool.

The MTX002 operates as an MS/TP client device on the network, reading and writing properties in the device being configured as directed by the configuration tool applicable to the product being configured. As a client, the MTX002 can also read/write any standard BACnet properties in any MS/TP device using the BACnet diagnostic page of the software tool available for free download on the support pages.

The MTX002 defaults to being an MS/TP client, but can be placed in pass-through mode. This mode has additional uses for the MTX002.

The MTX002, in pass-through mode, can be used for Modbus RTU diagnostics. Programs such as ModScan or Modbus Tester can read/write Modbus registers in a Modbus slave I/O device, or in BACnet gateways operating as a Modbus slave.

The MTX002, in pass-through mode, when used in conjunction with mstpcap.exe, can be used for packet capture and protocol analysis on the MS/TP network. The mstpcap.exe program is used to capture packets, and Wireshark is used for packet analysis.

The MTX002 is powered from the USB port, and includes a hardened RS485 serial port with screw terminal block connector. USB cable is included.

Dirvers are now available for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. If an incorrect driver was automatically installed when you plugged in the MTX002, our driver installer will automatically uninstall that driver first. .

NOTE: The MTX002 is not just a USB to RS485 adapter. It is an intelligent MS/TP device which handles token passing on its own. Only valid APDU's are passed back to the host. If you intend to use the MTX002 with other software, it must be programmed to recognize the APDU format provided by the MTX002. If you simply need a USB to RS485 adapter, you can also find that on the Accessories page, and are readily available from a variety of other sources as well.

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