Remote Monitoring Devices

Control Solutions' cloud connected remote monitoring devices connect to the LogMyData® cloud using 4G LTE cellular, satellite, or wired Internet. Ideal for virtually any application, these devices provide local control at the remote site, periodic data logging to the cloud, and report by exception of user defined alarm conditions. Apps running on the cloud then distribute notifications to the appropriate recipients via SMS text message, email, and/or voice call. GPS based tracking is an option available in some configurations. Devices include physical I/O points configurable for a variety of sensors. Some device configurations include Modbus RTU master and/or slave for wireless remote monitoring of Modbus capable devices.

Control Solutions' i.Report Stand-Alone No-Contract remote monitoring is the ideal do-it-yourself remote monitoring system. You get simple yet powerful remote monitoring without the need for a monitoring service. No contract. The i.Report Text Messenger is a self-contained remote monitoring and alarm notification system that monitors data points in one or more Modbus or BACnet devices and alerts you and others via SMS when an event has been detected that somebody should know about.
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