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VP4-2090-VG Remote Telemetry Unit, GPS, Verizon 4G LTE
Model VP4-2090 Global Remote Telemetry Unit is ideal for demanding remote alarm monitoring and data logging with optional GPS tracking. It includes both cellular and satellite radios built in, 18 inputs, 2 outputs, Modbus RTU and J1939.

VP4-2090-VG Remote Telemetry Unit, GPS, Verizon 4G LTE

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Control Solutions’ i.Report Model VP4-2090-VG Global Remote Telemetry Unit is ideal for demanding remote alarm monitoring and data logging. It includes a Verizon 4G LTE Cat 3 cellular data modem built in. The VP4-2090-VG also includes GPS built in for tracking applications. The i.Report VP4-2090 logs periodic data to the LogMyData Cloud and also sends alarm notices to the cloud. Apps running on the cloud then distribute notifications to the appropriate recipients via SMS text message, email, and/or voice call.  (See also VP4-2090-V, VP4-2090-A, VP4-2090-AG)

Control Solutions’ i.Report Model VP4-2090 Global Remote Telemetry Unit is ideal for demanding remote alarm monitoring and data logging with optional GPS tracking. It includes both cellular and satellite radios built in. The model VP4-2090 can operate on cellular only, satellite only, or cellular with satellite backup for mobile applications.

The VP4-2090 includes 18 hardwire sensor inputs, of which 16 are universally configurable as analog, temperature (thermistor), or discrete/dry contact inputs. Two are fixed analog with 30V input range for directly monitoring batteries. The VP4-2090 also includes 2 discrete outputs for functions such as generator start on command or local alarm indicator.

The VP4-2090 includes a Modbus RTU port which may operate in master or slave mode. The VP4-2090 may poll multiple Modbus slaves to greatly expand I/O capability. The VP4-2090 may also operate as a slave allowing a PLC in a larger system to write data to the VP4-2090.

The VP4-2090 also includes a CAN/J1939 port for applications such as engine monitoring. The VP4-2090 can receive any standard J1939 message, including transport protocol. The VP4-2090 can initiate data read requests. The VP4-2090 can transmit J1939 messages sending data provided by the web portal or derived internally. The internal GPS data can be transmitted periodically in standard J1939 format. Message construction is completely configurable, and transport protocol is supported in both directions.

The VP4-2090 supports store and forward logging. Data will be reported at regular intervals via cellular when coverage is available. When a mobile unit leaves cellular coverage, the VP4-2090 will log data to its internal 2GB data flash, and upload stored data when service is found. Meanwhile, critical alarms and data points will be reported via satellite while non-critical events and log data are stored for later forwarding.

Control Solutions’ i.Report V4 Satellite/Cellular Global Remote Telemetry Unit, Model VP4-2090-VG, offers an array of advanced features:

• Remote monitoring and data logging
• Tracks 400 data points with dual alarm thresholds per point
• Supports trending and report-on-delta for all 400 points
• Cellular and satellite connectivity options:
- - - Satellite only
- - - Cellular only
- - - Cellular with satellite backup
• GPS tracking and geo-fencing for mobile apps
• CAN 2.0b/J1939 communication port
• Engine monitoring functions assigned to any data object
• Modbus RTU master/slave port
• Battery backed real time clock for timestamps
• Programmable soft PLC included
• Over the air (cellular/satellite) control
• Over the air (cellular only) firmware update
4G LTE cellular data modem
• LEO Satellite transceiver (Iridium)
• 16 Universal inputs
- - - 0-10VDC, thermistor, dry contact
- - - 4-20mA with external resistor
- - - 16-bit sigma-delta converter
- - - Continuously self calibrating
• 2 Fixed analog inputs, 0-30VDC input range
• 2 Discrete outputs, 30VDC 1A open drain FET
• Internal temperature sensor
• Hardened RS-485 serial port (Modbus RTU)
• USB port (connects to laptop for service)
• 32-bit ARM7 processor, 512K Flash
• 2GB data flash for event/data logging
• 128K EEPROM for configuration storage
• Operates from 10-30VDC or 12-24VAC
• NEMA 4X, IP66, IP68 Enclosure
• Operating temperature 0°C to +70°C
• Operating range -30°C to +70°C optional

GPS Tracking Modes

Geo-fence: Reports as an alarm any time the device leaves a designated perimiter. User can reset perimeter for transportable equipment's new location.

Travel: Reports as an event every time the device moves a specifed distance, used for tracking mobile devices that are intended to be on the move.

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